Our Approach

It’s a competitive world where ‘only the winner takes it all’. We are acutely aware of this and therefore we take our business very seriously. All our programs on offer are carefully researched before they reach you. The dedicated team at DreamFolks is constantly researching the prevailing market. We gather enormous amounts of data pertaining to the needs and requirements of the target customers. We undertake customer profiling, market research, segmentation, assessment of exiting offerings/products and services in the market, undertake landscape mapping, study the global benchmarks and other relevant parameters.

Only when we are sure that we have ‘got everything right’ do we customize a solution. This itself is an involved process which includes scoping of identified /potential improvement areas and how DreamFolks can partner to provide world-class services/impact. We then ‘Roll Out’ the Project Plan with proposed deliverables, project phasing, timelines and commercials etc.

Our work does not end here…

We steadfastly remain involved in its implementation, service delivery & operations management so that it remains sustainable.

The Innovation CONTINUES!!!

Value Proposition

Our unique and customized innovations ensure that it’s a ‘win-win’ situation for all our clients; who belong to a wide array of industry verticals. Here’s how it works for you; Our value prop is customized for maximum impact across multiple industry verticals

Travel Companies / Portals

  • We add our value added services to your offerings to your customer, which works as a 'delighter' in the transaction. Your customer will then be your strongest brand advocate and create more followers leading to enhanced business output.

  • To deliver quality in everything we do i.e at the most competitive pricing

Banks / Card Companies

  • Our Programs (Lounge Access Management, Customer Experience Management, Brand Positioning) improve customer acquisition / retention

  • We provide brand visibility, enhanced differentiation as compared to competition.

  • Co-Branding Advantage

Airlines / Airports

  • Customer Retention / Acquisition, enhanced airport facilities, attract more lounges at airport, flourishing retail, F&B, wellness / recreational hubs adding value to the airport brand.

  • More passengers preferring airline associated with our lounge partners

  • Co-Branding Advantage


  • Our associations with multiple brand partners across industries can add luster to your loyalty programs and win you loyal customer base leading to sure business enhancement and brand visibility

  • Co-branding Advantage

Other Corporates / Brands

  • Enhance your customer loyalty programs

  • Brand visibility / impact

  • Co-branding Advantage

Why Us?

  • Pan-India presence at all major airports

  • Collaboration with leading hospitality partners

  • Strong, long-standing network across brands, industry verticals, locations – both government and private enterprises (NHAI, AAI, AI, MNCs to name a few)

  • Responsive to our customers needs with a quick Turn-around Time (TAT)

  • Quality focus - in accordance with the stringent global benchmarks for the industry

  • Cost optimization emphasis through compact teams and low overheads

  • Strong processes for Account Management, Operations, Training, Escalations management and MIS.

  • Wide range of expertise available within the Team enabling efficient and effective management of each aspect of our operations.

  • Rich exposure of promoters in large business enterprises

  • Providing one-stop solution for multiple vendor management

  • Extensive experience in Brand Management

  • Added Value Proposition for our clients & all partners- 'Win-Win' for all stakeholders

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