How do I avail services from DreamFolks?

DreamFolks is India's largest airport service aggregator platform facilitating an enhanced airport experience to passengers leveraging a technology driven platform. To avail DreamFolks services, you can connect with your card issuing bank or your membership service provider.

What are the main benefits of DreamFolks?

Access of 1500+ touchpoints in 100+ countries (including India)
Facilitate access to 100% of the 54 lounges currently operational in India
End-to-end assistance to the Consumers at the airport. The services are available at select airports in India to Consumers at arrival and departure terminals
Access to Spa Services at the selected airports to make air travel relaxing and enjoyable
Facilitate access to variety of specially curated vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal combos
Airport transport services i.e. pick-up and drop services ‘to and from’ the airport through wide variety of vehicles ranging from hatchbacks to luxury sedans, depending on location and availability
Access to Transit hotels and ‘nap rooms’ or ‘sleeping pods’, i.e., specialised facilities which allow passengers, particularly transit passengers, access to private rooms compartmentalised sleeping quarters, with rest-room access, at select cities and airports

Can I purchase DreamFolks membership directly?

Yes, DreamFolks Club membership can be purchased directly on our website.

Can someone else use my bank card or DreamFolks card to access a lounge?

Unfortunately NO, only the person named on the card will be able to use the card to access the services.

How do I make a complaint?

Please contact us at our 24/7 customer support centre at 1800 1234 109 or write to us at

What does lounge access provide?

We facilitate Consumers with access to all 54 operational lounges in India and various lounges across select airports outside India.

I cannot find an airport lounge in my location. Why not?

Not all airports have a participating lounge. Please check with your card issuer or membership service provider for participating lounge if there is one in your location.

How can I access the participating airport lounges?

You can access participating airport lounges through credit cards or debit cards or by using vouchers provided by DreamFolks.

What is the policy for taking guests into the lounge?

If the eligible card has lounge access for the guest also, he/she can take the guest along.

Can I take children into the lounge for free?

Each lounge has its own policies regarding children. Please check the lounge information and confirm the policies, T&C of each individual lounge.

I have some queries/issues that need addressing regarding my recent visit at the lounge, how do I go about it?

Please contact the Customer Service team by clicking on the contact us section of the DreamFolks website, app, or call us at 1800 1234 109, we will be happy to assist. Please ensure you have details of the visit you wish to discuss, the date of your visit, the time of your visit.

What is Meet & Assist Service?

It’s a service where our representatives will guide you through all checkpoints and the required airport formalities for complete end-to-end assistance. This facility is available at the departure terminal and at the arrival terminal.

How can I book a Meet & Assist service?

All the bookings are to be made atleast 24-48 hours prior to the scheduled service usage. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before confirming your booking. If you have any queries on these terms, please contact us at before completing the booking process.

Can I take any additional guest with me?

For any additional guests, extra charges will be applicable.

How can I cancel the service request?

Cancellation Policy:

72 hours prior to the scheduled meeting time - 3% of the Booking Amount
48 hours prior to scheduled meeting time - 10% of the Booking Amount
24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting time - 50% of the Booking Amount
Less than 24 hours - 100% of the Booking Amount

What are the inclusions in Food and Beverage offerings?

This offer includes a selection of Food and beverage curated ‘Combo’ offerings. Please ask the outlet manager for detailed combo options available at the outlets (Offering will vary from outlet to outlet).

How do I redeem voucher at Food and Beverage Outlets?

Voucher can be redeemed by presenting coupon/e-voucher at the counter and avail complimentary combo selection as per your preference.

Can my voucher be used as currency/tender?

No, loyalty voucher does not have cash value and is non-transferable.

Can I return a voucher I redeemed?

Voucher once redeemed is non-returnable, non-refundable and hold no cash value.

Can I redeem multiple vouchers in the same transaction?

Yes, multiple vouchers can be redeemed together.

Can I use the offer codes from the app at the same brand name outlets outside of the airport?

No. The offers and subsequent offer codes are specific to the outlet in the airport location as highlighted within the offer information.

Will I be charged for an offer if the offer code expires?

No. You will only be charged for redeemed offer codes.

What types of offers are available to me in my airport location?

Each airport outlet offerings are different. Please refer to the website and app for offers available in your location.

The merchant outlet is not accepting my QR code and won’t give me the discount, what should I do?

First, double check if the offer code you generated is still valid and has not expired. If it has expired, please regenerate the offer. Second, the brightness of your device screen may not be high enough. Please use your phone settings to brighten the screen and rescan your offer QR code. Finally, if this does not resolve the issue, please contact either the Customer Service team or call us at –Tollfree 1800 1234 109 or write to us at

What does Spa offering include?

Consumers may avail of certain specified therapies such as head, neck and shoulder massage, and foot reflexology, at select airports.

Can I Prebook the spa when I travel?

Spas operate on first come first serve basis.

How many spa sessions can I take in one go?

All mentioned above sessions can be taken if therapists are available.

What is the policy for taking guests into the Spa?

Each Spa has its own policies regarding guests. Please check with the individual Spa before entering.

If my flight is delayed or cancelled, can the SPA attendants help me find another flight?

No. Please contact your airline’s customer service team to help with specific flight questions.

Can I take children into the SPA?

Please confirm with respective Spa outlets.

Why is it good to have a transit hotel nearby/in Airport?

Having a transit hotel near the airport can help you board your flight faster and helps you avoid the city's traffic. Getting onto the plane tired/stressed is not a good way to start a long flight – you can avoid the traffic stress, by booking airport transit hotel.

What are the services included in transit hotels?

Services include access to hotel rooms and facilities provided by hotels.

What is the Booking timeframe?

Booking needs to be made at least 36 hours prior to using the service and the timeframe of duration can be hourly based.

Can I exit and re-enter the hotel after I have checked in?

Guests can exit and re-enter at a selected location. Valid passport / ID proof with hotel confirmation card is required.

What are the cancellation terms and conditions?

Special requests, flight information, amendments, cancellation as per the cancellation policy.

If travelling with family and kids, do we need to make a booking for them separately?

Children up to 5-10 years can stay with two adults when sharing existing bedding without any extra charge and same is subject to availability. Details of accompanied guests should be cleared in booking details shared.

How do I find the location of the transit hotel?

Guests can exit and re-enter at a selecHotel address can be checked from the mobile application, exact address and details are mentioned for each hotel respectively. Also upon confirmation, email will be shared with the exact details of the location.ted location. Valid passport / ID proof with hotel confirmation card is required.

Can I transfer my booking to other friends and family?

No, the benefits are non-transferrable.

Are meals included in the room package?

Accommodation is included, rest all other facilities are on direct charges.

Is smoking permitted during my stay?

Yes, only at the discretion of the individual hotel and may be at a designated area only.

What are the details/documents required during check in?

Valid passport / ID proof with hotel confirmation card is required.