Frequently Asked Question

How do I avail services from DreamFolks?

DreamFolks is a leading airport service provider. To avail of the DreamFolks services, you can connect with your card issuing bank or your membership service provider.

What are the main benefits of DreamFolks?
  • Access of over 1000+ touchpoints in 100+ countries with comfortable seating and complimentary refreshments outside INDIA and 50+ Lounges in INDIA.
  • A personal assistant to facilitate you through the airport while arriving/departing or Transit.
  • Access to Wellness Services at the selected airports to relax and rejuvenate.
  • Customised Food & Beverages at a discounted rate for you at Airport Dining outlets.
  • A chauffer driven car to drive you to and from the airport & destination.
  • Access to Transit hotels and sleeping pods in selected airports.
Can I purchase DreamFolks membership directly?

No, you can only avail DreamFolks services through Bank debit or credit card, your membership service provider.

Can someone else use my bank card or DreamFolks card to access a lounge?

Unfortunately, No. Only the person named on the card will be able to use the card to access the services.

How do I make a complaint?

Please contact us at our 24/7 customer support centre at 1800 1234 109 or write us at Happy to help😊

What does Spa offering include?

You can choose from relaxing massage session which can be

  • Foot Reflexology
  • Upper back massage
  • Head massage

All the above massages will be provided for 30 minutes per session.

Can I Prebook the spa when I travel?

Any Spa will extend entry to an eligible customer on a first come first serve basis.

How many massage sessions can I take in one go?

All mentioned below massages can be taken if therapists are available.

What is the policy for taking guests into the Spa?

Each Spa has its policies regarding guests. Please check the SPA information in Find SPA’s and more on the website or app to confirm the policies and conditions of each SPA.

If my flight is delayed or cancelled, can the SPA attendants help me find another flight?

Regrettably Spa representative will have no control over this. Please contact your airline’s customer service team to help with specific flight questions.

Can I take children into the SPA for free?

Please confirm with Spa as they may have separate charges for Kids and these charges will vary from Spa to Spa.

Where can I find my redeemable Voucher?

Please visit your issuer bank/service provider website for the same or if you have access to the Mobile Application, voucher details can be fetched from there.

What are the inclusions in Food and Beverage offerings?

This offer includes a selection of Food and beverage curated Combos especially designed for privileged passengers. One may choose from Vegetation and non-vegetarian option. Please ask the outlet manager for detailed combo options available at the outlets. (offering will vary from outlet to outlet) The same is available on the digital platform.

How do I redeem the voucher at Food and Beverage Outlets?

One can avail of the service by presenting a valid coupon/e-voucher at the counter, outlet representative will scan the voucher on the system and allow complimentary combo selection as per the request.

Can my voucher be used as currency/tender?

Please note loyalty voucher does not have any cash value and are non-transferable/refundable.

Can I redeem multiple vouchers in the same transaction?

Indeed, multiple vouchers can be redeemed together.

Can I use the offer codes from the app at the same brand name outlets outside of the airport?

The offers and subsequent offer codes are specific to the outlet in the airport location only.

Will I be charged for an offer if the offer code expires?

Generally, You will only be charged for redeemed offer codes, however, this may vary from each Issuer/Service provider.

What types of offers are available to me in my airport location?

Each airport terminal offerings are different. Please refer to the website and app for offers available in your location.

The merchant outlet is not accepting my QR code and won’t give me the discount, what should I do?

First, double-check the offer code you generated is still valid and has not expired. If it has expired, please regenerate the offer. Second, the brightness of your device screen may not be high enough. Please use your phone settings to brighten the screen and rescan your offer QR code. Finally, if this does not resolve the issue please contact either the Customer Service team by clicking on the Help section of the website or the app

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